Since the 1980’s I have been leading tours of neighborhoods in New York City, from Harlem to the Lower East Side.

My approach is  simple: to facilitate a warm and  authentic connection between the visitor and the residents of the local community, and to tell interesting stories about the unique history and character of the people and places that we are fortunate  to visit. 

Harlem makes for a real easy walking tour, because the people are by nature, so friendly and welcoming. In all my Harlem walks,  the focus is on engaging with the variety of people we encounter “on and off “ the streets.   This makes for  a real “insider’s” perspective in understanding how this special community became the rich cultural, artistic and musical epicenter for African Americans drawn here from all over the country.


Perhaps more than any other neighborhood in the City, Harlem personifies the celebration of the rich diversity in American culture and life today.


I hope you will join me for this special trip soon. As a caring New Yorker who is dedicated to the preservation of the great character and “soul” of this neighborhood, I worry every day about the impact the rapid gentrification is having on its  future.

Hope to see you on the trail.....!